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The Future of Professionalism in the Construction Industry - Building competitiveness from education to practice,
Hans Haenlein & Hiral Patel, 2012

Design Thinking’,
Hans Haenlein, October 2012

Pulling Together - First Education Alliance’,
RIBA Journal, March 2011

Free Thinkers - Article on involvement with Free Schools’,
RIBA Journal, September 2010

Architectural Patronage’,
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The Architect As Enabler’,
RIBA Journal, November 2007

Architectural Practice and Education’,
RIBA Journal, October 2007

The Commercial World and the Professional’,
RIBA Journal, September 2007

Working with Specialist and Trade Contractors’,
RIBA Journal, August 2007

Designing is the Preparation of a Plan for Change’,
RIBA Journal, June 2007

The Advantage of Project-Based Insurance’,
RIBA Journal, May 2007

Commercial Risk Management and Small Practice’,
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The Briefing Process’,
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The Benefits of Architect-Led Construction Management’,
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Architektenausbildung im Entwerfen – England
EAAE Buchprojekt 2002

Professor Haenlein has been a Visiting Lecturer at Universities in: England, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, USA, Canada, Mexico, and Hong Kong, and a Visiting Professor at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, USA.

He has also acted as an External Examiner in Universities and Polytechnics across Britain and Ireland.

Judge for national and international architectural competitions.

RIBA Client Advisor

RIBA Hans Haenlein Architects Chartered A Royal Institute of British Architects Chartered Practice
A member of the First Education Alliance
First Education Alliance