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Comments from some of our Clients:

Hans Haenlein Architects were the Architects in 1987 of the St. Faith's development consisting of an Adult Eduction Centre, a Youth Club, a Church and the St Faith's Church of England Primary School in Wandsworth, London. This development has very successfully stood the test of time. I was keen to take on the headship six years ago in part due to the quality of the buildings and the way they complemented my educational vision.

Since then I have worked with the Architects and their Specialist Consultants on a modernisation programme, consisting of a broad range of projects over the years, designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the developing Early Years and Primary School Curriculum and to further enhance the quality of the original design.

Hans Haenlein Architects are specialists in the Education and Community sectors and very skilled in working with the various eductional stakeholders, consisting of the Local Authority, the Diocesan Board, Governors, Parents and school community, in order to develop shared design objectives.

My Staff and I very much enjoy working with Hans Haenlein Architects, who have a critical and creative attitude to their work. At every point they manage to acheive high quality at minimal cost by thoughtful and careful design and a strong sense of collaborative working with the School, Consultants and Contractors.

I recommend them to you wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Mr Stephan Cook,
Headteacher St. Faith's C of E Primary School

Since the Founding of the Fulham Prep School in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham fifteen years ago, Hans Haenlein Architects have carried out several new-build and rehabilitation projects for us ranging in value from £900k to £2m in construction value.

Our latest project, a Multi-purpose Hall with ancillary facilities and a new glazed main entrance to the school, has been designed for off-site construction in order to significantly reduce the construction period on site and minimize the general disruption to the running of the school.

We enjoy working with this friendly practice, which is environmentally very aware and consistently achieves high standards.

During the briefing stage, Hans Haenlein Architects pays great attention to our detailed needs, to the point where it is a pleasure for staff and students alike to work in thier completed buildings.

Hans Haenlein Architects has a network of excellent Specialist Consultants with whom they have worked on a range of large and small Education and Community projects over many years. The consequence of this becomes apparent in the smooth running of their projects during design and construction, and the ease with which their buildings can be managed following completion.

I believe you will enjoy working with this practice in the certain knowledge that they consistently deliver excellent value.

Mrs Jane Emmett,
Headmistress and Director Fulham Prep School

Hans Haenlein Architects, who are Education Specialists, were commissioned earlier this year by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham to carry out a Feasibility Study for enlarging the existing Flora Gardens Primary School from 1FE to 2FE.

The Architects quickly gained an understanding of the needs of the Flora Gardens School Community and presented three development options ranging from minimum changes to the existing building to complete rebuilding. They also carried out a cost analysis, which indicated that their new-build option presents best value.

All options make maximum use of off-site construction, which the practice has considerable experience in. The proposed procurement method will be based on their Architect-led Construction Management. This will result in less disruption of the day to day education of our pupils during any future building work.

Hans Haenlein Architects’ briefing process is meticulous and achieved by bringing all the key stakeholders together in regular Development Steering Group meetings. Local authority representatives, governors, teachers and pupils very much engaged in this process and all parties were listened to with sensitivity and respect.

As Chair of Governors I have been very impressed  working with this practice and their Consultant colleagues, and I  look forward to the continuation of our excellent working relations.  I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Caroline Needham,
Chair of Governors, Flora Gardens Primary School

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