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Tithandizane, Primary Health Care Centre,
Mortuary, Chipata, Zambia

The aim of Tithandizane is to try to alleviate the problems of HIV/AIDS in Kamulaza and the surrounding community of 72 villages in the rural eastern province of Zambia. Hans Haenlein Architects were asked to advise on the design of a mortuary in September 2005 by Rev. Linda Dhammika.

The most effective method to cool a building is to keep the heat from building up in the first place. The primary source of heat gain is sunlight absorbed by a building through the roof, walls and windows. Light coloured exterior surfaces (roof and walls) effectivly reflect most of the heat. Roughly 40% of the unwanted heat that builds up in buildings comes in through windows therefore the area of any openings is to be reduced to a minimum. Natural ventilation can reduce indoor temperatures and help remove heat.

Our design envisages a building below ground level with solid walls to keep the temperature inside the mortuary as low as possible.

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